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Liberty Kids

Welcome: If you think an educational cartoon is an oxymoron, this excellent Emmy and Humanitas Award-nominated series just might change your mind... pound for pound, this 40-episode series does a better job of explaining the creation of the United States than most textbooks. If you prefer to watch the complete series on dvd "Go Here" otherwise choose an episode from below to get started. Thanks for visiting.

Ep 01: The Boston Tea Party

Ep 02: The Intolerable Act

Ep 03: United We Stand

Ep 04: Liberty or Death

Ep 05: Midnight Ride

Ep 06: The Shot Heard Round the World

Ep 07: Green Mountain Boys

Ep 08: The Second Continental Congress

Ep 09: Bunker Hill

Ep 10: Postmaster General Franklin

Ep 11: Washington Takes Command

Ep 12: Common Sense

Ep 13: The First Fourth of July

Ep 14: New York, New York

Ep 15: The Turtle

Ep 16: One Life to Lose

Ep 17: Captain Molly

Ep 18: American Crisis

Ep 19: Across the Delaware

Ep 20: An American in Paris

Ep 21: Sybil Ludington

Ep 22: Lafayette Arrives

Ep 23: The Hessians Are Coming

Ep 24: Valley Forge

Ep 25: Allies at Last

Ep 26: Honor and Compromise

Ep 27: The New Frontier

Ep 28: Not Yet Begun to Fight

Ep 29: The Great Galvez

Ep 30: In Praise of Ben

Ep 31: Bostonians

Ep 32: Benedict Arnold

Ep 33: Conflict in the South

Ep 34: Deborah Samson

Ep 35: James Armistead

Ep 36: Yorktown

Ep 37: Born Free and Equal

Ep 38: The Man Who Wouldn't Be King

Ep 39: Going Home

Ep 40: We the People

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