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Liberty Kids
New York, New York

EPISODE 14: In New York City, Sarah stays with her mothers friend Mrs. Radcliffe and reports on the loyalist point of view of those who believe revolution is foolish. James escapes across the East River to Manhattan Island with the Continental Army under cover of night as he goes on an incredible adventure.

HISTORICAL CONTENT: At the Battle of Long Island, Washington fights the British in open field battles -- with catastrophic results (8/27-29/76). With his troops in disarray and his spirit nearly broken, the Commander vows to avoid open field battles and to instead borrow war tactics from the Indians. After the battle of Kip's Bay, the British take New York City (9/15/76) and the American forces look like they are in danger of losing the entire war.

EMOTIONAL TAKEAWAY: Leaders have doubts and fears like anyone else, however, they also have the conviction to keep going on the course they've chosen.


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