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Liberty Kids
Across The Delaware

EPISODE 19: James and Sarah are concerned when a British spy named John Honeyman is captured. James discovers that all is not what it seems as Honeyman is really spying for Washington. However, he cannot tell anyone, including Sarah, in fear of the secret getting out.

HISTORICAL CONTENT: Washington finally gets a victory when he re-crosses the Delaware River on Christmas Day, in a surprise move the British commander does not suspect. His troops defeat the sleeping Hessians at Trenton (12/26/76) and then Washington lights campfires to make it look like his men are bunking down for the night. Instead they march to Princeton and another victory (1/2/77). The country celebrates; and morale is restored amongst the soldiers.

EMOTIONAL TAKEAWAY: Sometimes it is hard to know what the truth is and when to tell it, with the only true guide being ones convictions.


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