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Liberty Kids
An American In Paris

EPISODE 20: While visiting Abigail Adams in Boston, Sarah finds herself in the middle of a smallpox epidemic. Abigail wants to inoculate her children but they are afraid. In an attempt to ease their concerns, Sarah gets inoculated herself. Sarah has a bad reaction and contracts a serious case of the disease. However, with Abigail's assistance she recovers quickly. James accompanies Alexander Hamilton to the army camp at Morristown, where Hamilton joins Washington's staff as a highly valued new officer.

HISTORICAL CONTENT: Ben Franklin arrives in France and sets up residence in Paris. He discovers that he is a celebrity there as he begins his uphill battle to enlist France in the American cause (12/28/76). Franklin's hopes are bolstered when news of the victories at Trenton and Princeton reach France (3/77). In America, civilians and soldiers alike fight the scourge of smallpox (1/77) with a new procedure called an inoculation.

EMOTIONAL TAKEAWAY: Science is sometimes as dependent upon faith as old traditions as one must sometimes trust new discoveries without proof.


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