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Liberty Kids
The Man Who Wouldn't Be King

EPISODE 38: James tells Sarah and Henri the story of the attempted military coup and the three Kids journey to Maryland to see Washington offer his resignation to Congress.

HISTORICAL CONTENT: Ben Franklin and John Adams sign the peace treaty with England, ending the Revolutionary War (11/30/1783).

At Newburgh, New York, some members of Washington's officer corps want him to become King and take over the country. Washington puts down the revolt - with his eyeglasses (3/15/1783). He then races to Congress and resigns to become, once again, a farmer and private citizen (12/23/1783). When King Geroge III hears that the conquering general has not seized power, he says, "He will be remembered as the greatest man who ever lived."

EMOTIONAL TAKEAWAY: There are far better ways to show strength than by using physical force. Washington shows strength in displaying his own weakness.


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