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Liberty Kids
We The People

EPISODE 40: Moses resolves to open a school for free black children. Sarah looks forward to reuniting with her father and mother in upstate New York. Everyone looks forward to their new lives in the United States of America as Benjamin Franklin reminds us that the new Constitution doesn't guarantee happiness, only that you be free to pursue it.

HISTORICAL CONTENT: America's leaders meet at a convention in Philadelphia and decide to write a radical new Constitution. Ben Franklin, in his final moment on the world stage, helps forge the "Great Compromise" on legislative representation. James Madison writes much of the Constitution, the lawful embodiment of the promise of the Revolution (9/17/87). It includes the "odious compromise" on slavery that maintains the practice's legality in the United States. George Washington is inaugurated as the first President (4/30/1789).

EMOTIONAL TAKEAWAY: A Country is not it's flag, but instead the people that live within it from it's inception on. We are all linked by a common heritage based upon a common sense of rights and ideals.


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